Our usual locations are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and a retreat in Byron Bay. We also run Diplomas in Perth, Adelaide and internationally pending interest.
The course can be completed in as few as four months or as long as 12 months. Six months is an ideal length of time. Generally, we advise that if you spend 2 hours a week on the online electives and assessments you will complete the course in 12 months, and if you spend 4 hours a week on the work you will complete it in 6 months.

The course is structured as six days face-to-face after which you complete the rest of the course online at your own place. During the six days you complete the core modules and you complete two elective modules online.
You must complete all 6x face to face days and assessments to receive the qualification. In exceptional or unforeseen circumstances, there is some flexibility of when you complete the different, yet this is not recommended.
We accept people into the Diploma from 18-118! To date our oldest attendee was 81.

Learning is a life-long journey and therefore our only age requirement is that you meet the minimum age of 18.

The Diploma has been designed to accommodate people who have never studied through to tertiary qualified book-worms. We will start at the beginning with you and work through to the more in-depth materials. You will be provided with an extensive library so that you can dig down into the data and details if that’s how you like to learn, or you can keep it high-level with the curated content provided for you in your workbook.

All resources for the Diploma are included in your course fees. We will provide you with electronic and hard copy resources to support your learning and assessments.
People who attend the Diploma usually fall into two categories; people who are interested in positive psychology, how our brains work, emotional intelligence and resilience, and people wanting to make a difference in their life and the lives of others.

We get people from all walks of life and industries including; coaches, psychologists, human resource professionals, business leaders, teachers, parents, and people who are interested in transitioning into a new career.

The Diploma offers a wide range of personal and professional benefits.

The course is extremely practical. It’s our goal at the Langley Group Institute to ensure that everything taught in the Diploma is accompanied by a practical application, tool or strategy that you can use to incorporate positive psychology in all areas of your life. Many of these practical applications are taught during the six days face-to-face so you will be able to start applying your new skills at work or at home as soon as you have finished that element of the course.

As the Diploma is government accredited you will have a legitimate qualification that you will be able to take into schools and organisations.

This sounds unlikely; our students report that completing their assessments is one of the things they enjoyed the most about the course!

The written assessments for the Diploma are generally structured as a demonstration of your understanding of a core concept or idea and a personal reflection. This may take the form of an essay or a learning journal.

Other assessments are based on your participation and engagement during the six days face-to-face.

All assessments are marked on a ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’ basis. In the event that your work is marked ‘not yet competent’, we have people who will work with you to help you meet the require standard and you will have other opportunities to resubmit.

We can be flexible with the way in which the assessments are administered.

We have students go on to do a wide range of things with the Diploma. We have students go on to create wellbeing, leadership, emotional intelligence programs for their organisations or schools, as well as on a consultancy basis.

We have people use the Diploma to fast track their leadership career by demonstrating their ability to positively lead, support, and get the best from everyone they work with.

We have even had students go on to start their own wellbeing cooking school!

What you do with this course is only limited by your creativity and drive! When paired with your work experience or passion the Diploma can take you anywhere!

The Diploma is a course that brings significant application in the education space. Teachers and others from a school setting make up a large number of our attendees, as the course is very applicable in this space.

When you complete the Diploma, you have the opportunity to complete two online electives – and if you are interested in the education space, the Positive Education module will be of particular interest as a specialisation.

Currently, the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing is the only course available through the Langley Group Institute. If you would like to go on to do other study with another institution, we recommend speaking directly with them to understand what they will accept for recognition of prior learning.

What we can say is that the Diploma provides you with a strong understanding of positive psychology, wellbeing, emotional intelligence and the neuroscience of these areas, and this will set you in good stead for any further learning you wish to pursue.

We recommend enrolling at least four weeks before. You need to have enough time to complete all 10x inventories, the Strengths Profile and complete a Strengths Profile debrief before commencing the course.
Sometimes the enrolments page for the Diploma can be a little temperamental! If you have any trouble viewing or access the page this can occur because you have looked at the page on other occasions. To fix this you can clear you history and cache. Please be aware that clearing your cache may result in you losing any passwords you have saved to your browser.

The easiest thing to do is enrol on a different computer.

At this stage we do not offer scholarship places for the Diploma. As the course is privately run, there is no FEE HELP assistance.

If you would like to have a flexible payment plan created for you we would need to know which course you would like to attend and when you would be able to enrol and pay the deposit. Then we will speak to accounts to find out what is available for you. Please be aware that all payment plans incur a 5% administration fee.

The course fee for the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (10653NAT) is AU$7,400 and is GST exempt.

Payment schedule for the Diploma:
Deposit $1,500 (on registration)
Instalment 1 $2,000 (before starting the face-to-face training)
Instalment 2 $2,000 (within one month after completing the face-to-face training)
Instalment 3 $1,900 (within two months after completing the face-to-face training)

We accept payments by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), which incur a 2.5% surcharge. All payments will be processed in Australian dollars. We also accept direct deposit and can accept AMEX yet AMEX payments will need to be done manually as we don’t take Amex online. A 3.5% AMEX surcharge will apply.

Please contact us at enrolments@langleygroup.com.au if you have any questions.

There is an additional accommodation package required for the residential retreat which includes:

– 6-nights accommodation in a private Banksia Villa at Elements of Byron
– All daytime deals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)
– Team dinner on one of the evenings
– Use of resort facilities including the stunning lagoon pool
– Complimentary WiFi
– All the bells and whistles of this world-class resort!

Your accommodation package invoice will be sent out separately after your registration has been received and confirmed.

Please refer to the Retreat page for further details.

You can of course bring your family on the retreat and they will have to be booked into the retreat at additional cost. We have had previous applicants do this in the past.

One thing we will add is that you may miss out on the full ‘retreat experience’, whereby you have quiet time outside of the sessions to reflect on the content and assignments, and connect with others in the group. As the days are full and highly engaging, participants often find themselves quite tired at the end of each day, and are grateful for the quiet time in the evenings to rest.

Applicants in the past have expressed that having time away from the responsibilities of family has given them more time to fully absorb and digest the content, get more out of the wonderful retreat experience and return to their families as the best version of themselves.

Please note that we have worked with attendees to extend the discounted rate of the accommodation over the weekend following the Diploma course, in order for family to join them post retreat.

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