We can offer the 10653NAT Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing internally within organisations to cohorts of up to 20 people, as part of learning and development initiatives.

Course Format

We can customise the delivery of the six day face to face workshops to suit your needs.  For example,  it would be 2 x 3 day sessions over two weeks, to allow the weekend or a week to digest the learning or six days back to back. The core training can also be offered as foundational positive psychology and wellbeing training. Each unit can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop if the full training or qualification is not required.  We can also offer the Positive Leadership elective as a half day workshop.

Core Units: Face to Face training

The core units of competency provide theory, research and practical tools around the key areas of positive psychology and wellbeing. The course is all about practical and experiential elements of positive psychology, so throughout the units students will complete diagnostics, review key readings, reflect on themselves, write a journal about their experiences, complete activities and written assessments.

The core units of competency will give students an extensive overview with suggestions for more reading and learning for those who want to over achieve or explore these areas further.

This module provides a basic awareness of what positive psychology is and isn’t, the key theories and researchers. It will also allow students to start to build their own personal profile linked to positive psychology measures.
This module focuses on emotions exploring the theories and tangible activities that can boost positive emotions. Students will complete lots of experiential activities to develop their own skills, help them build resilience in themselves and others, and apply emotions intelligently.
Focusing on flow and strengths this module includes their own personal Strengths Profile and debrief, a leading evidence-based tool. Students will explore the key approaches and activities around building engagement in life – personally and professionally for them and others.
Exploring the key researchers around meaning and the importance of purpose and values in life, this module will look at different ways of gaining meaning and fulfilment in life and how these can increase wellbeing and life satisfaction.
This module is all about the importance of positive relationships on wellbeing – whether personally or at work. Including positive communication it will help build understanding and experience in how to develop positive relationships.
As teleological beings, goals are important to us and contribute to our sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy. This module will explore individual mindset and goal setting around flourishing in life – whatever that means to us or the people we work with.
Electives: Online and Virtual Training

The elective units of competency provide the opportunity to apply what students have learnt in the core modules in a workplace context. The electives are all about application and exploration. Students will be putting what they have learnt into practice for themselves, their organisation, their community.

All electives will be completed remotely, via online tutorials. Our team is there to help students and we also expect students to support and assist their peers on the course where possible. Assessments can be completed in their own time with support from their student coach if needed. Students are required to only complete two of the electives listed below.

The coaching elective does not teach students to coach, it explores how to use positive psychology interventions in coaching to increase personal and professional wellbeing and facilitate positive mindset and action.
The leadership elective applies positive psychology tools and techniques to a leadership environment and includes applying interventions across a team or unit to increase performance, engagement and wellbeing.
This elective is about applying positive psychology tools with children. Students do not have to be a parent to take the parenting elective, it is designed for parents and for those who lead, teach and influence children in their role.
The community elective looks at applying positive psychology interventions across a community or not-for-profit environment. It is for those who want to make a holistic impact on group wellbeing or contribute to positive policy and social capital.
The education elective is designed for those working in a school or education setting and explores application of positive psychology from a whole school approach.
The HR elective looks at building positive psychology tools across an organisation including all areas of HR from recruitment to exit. This elective takes a positive organisational scholarship approach to attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing people.

We have a very select and well-trained group who deliver the training. Facilitators will be based on availability within the timeframe required.


We want to guarantee your investment in people development has the results you need.  Please consider this information as a framework for ongoing discussions in creating the best possible initiatives for you.


For cohorts up to 20 people you could save up to $1900 per person. Please note that individual students enrolling in the open course pay AUD$7,500.

Conditions apply, please contact us to discuss your requirements.