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Graduates of the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing agree that studying this quality course brings unexpected, profound, and life-changing experiences. Click here to read a selection of in-depth and inspiring student interviews, that share the impact the course has had on them, and on those around them.


This learning investment has been the most impactful of my career and life.
Thank you for creating the course and sourcing such inspiring and knowledgeable facilitators
Kathryn O'Hehir
I think positive psychology should be one of the treatment programs for depression/anxiety. Clinical psychology is good, but not enough, in my opinion.
2019 DPP Student
The Positive Psychology course you all have put together for this Diploma is superb. I liken it to climbing through a small rabbit hole entrance and then discovering the depth and width of what lies inside. I especially enjoyed the 2 electives as it brought together all the learnings from the core modules and had us implement it into real world scenarios. It was tough at times (especially with the HR elective in my case) but the learning and insights I obtained from doing the 2 electives, is priceless.
Johan Amilin
The Langley Group do an absolutely brilliant job of translating the great big world of academia into practical concepts and strategies that everyone can use in both their work, and more importantly, life. Having worked in this space as a coach and facilitator for the last decade, I could not recommend the course more. Thank you
Anna Pitman
I came here hoping I could implement some thing for my everyday consultations, that could perhaps reinvigorate my career. I can now see it has saved my career. Profoundly impactful
Ashley Wallin
One of the most profound learning experiences. The content is so interesting, inspiring and practical. Sue’s delivery style is amazing. She is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate ad engaging with oodles of humour. I’m so motivated to continue my knowledge
Jennifer Henderson
Fascinating training. Great content and totally applicable to personal and professional life
Maria Smith
Sue has a rare ability to merge science, emotion and practicality. I was engaged for the entire programme. I feel motivated to bring all the knowledge I experienced into my work and beyond. Thank you.
Nicola Clemmit
Sue is extremely knowledgeable and delivers the (sometimes) complex material in a concise and easy to understand manner that is fun and engaging. I learnt a huge amount and would actively encourage people to do the course, especially if they want to increase their own wellbeing and the wellbeing and success of others
Bernard Callus
I started here with little knowledge or understanding… The programme has delivered beyond my expectations in a theoretical and practical application perspective
Kirilly Middleton
The course was delivered with a very high degree of competence and care. I have learnt an enormous amount about myself and human beings that I will take out into the world to make it a better place
Barb Howard
I just want to reinforce both the quality and depth of the training provided!
Steven Cook
I have learnt more about myself, for my betterment, during the six-day intensive, workbook and assessment, than I have in 46 years of life. This course has woken me up and helped me realise why I am who I am, where I want to go, what I want to do and why. I see it as a journey to find myself…. that is turning into one heck of an adventure!
Michelle McFadyen
The Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing provides the evidence and framework for excellent professional development. This course of study is exceptional, the facilitators inspiring, the experience potentially life-changing. Opportunities such as these are rare and in this case well worth it. Thank you, everything about the Diploma was brilliant.
Frances Totney
The Diploma of Positive Psychology blew my socks off in an amazing way! It offered such richness and quality. I am going to use positive psychology every day!
Megan Hingston
I come to learn the science and have come away with a far richer experience and one that can only improve my wellbeing and those around me.
Vanessa Rider
I’m absolutely speechless as this has been an amazing experience. I cannot express the gratitude I have – thank you for your amazing inspirational work.
Gil Richardson
The Diploma was inspirational, educational, enlightening on a very personal level. I have left with a different more positive view of my world. You have changed my mindset forever.
Celia Venables
I feel inspired I can go forward and make a real difference.
Scott Nell
What I learnt from the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing was beyond my expectations. I have been able to take the neuroscience and tools to grow and experiment in my personal life, my career and within my community.
Pinyo Rattanaphan
I loved the integration of theory, discussion and experiential exercises.
Elspeth Hendrey
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