PPWDII004 – Develop and implement interventions to increase meaning and fulfilment in different settings – Pre Work

The following need to be completed prior to starting this unit.

Please go to the Work on Wellbeing website to complete all Diagnostics:

  • Meaning in Life Questionnaire

Please go to the Readings tab to read the following:

  • Experiencing meaning life: Optimal functioning at the nexus of wellbeing, psychopathology and spirituality (Steger)
  • Reclaiming Positive Psychology: A meaning-centred approach to sustainable growth and radical empiricism (Wong, 2001)
  • Know thyself and become what you are: an Eudaimonic approach to psychological wellbeing (Ryff and Singer, 2006)
  • The Quest for Human Meaning (Wong, 2002)
  • Video – Life Vest Inside

The following are optional.

Please go to the Additional Readings tab to read the following:

  • Some Key Differences between a Happy Life and a Meaningful Life (Baumeister et al, 2013)