PPWDII004 – Develop and implement interventions to increase meaning and fulfilment in different settings

Please find below the key readings for this unit:

We will be covering the content that these readings relate to during the programme. The readings are academic and research based, and are for those of you who want to read more on a particular theory.  They can be read before attending the core modules, or as additional information for your assignments, or not at all.  Entirely up to you and your learning preferences.

  1. Experiencing meaning life: Optimal functioning at the nexus of wellbeing, psychopathology and spirituality (Steger)
  2. Reclaiming Positive Psychology: A meaning-centred approach to sustainable growth and radical empiricism (Wong, 2001)
  3. Know thyself and become what you are: an Eudaimonic approach to psychological wellbeing (Ryff and Singer, 2006)
  4. The Quest for Human Meaning (Wong, 2002)

Please find below some additional readings for this unit: