PPWEMA006 – Establish and monitor achievement of positive goals for personal and professional growth – Assessment

Please note:
If you completed the face to face component of your Diploma prior to September 2017 your assessment requirements are different to those detailed below.  Please refer to the relevant pages in your own personal Assessment book provided on the day.

Please ensure you have completed all the activities and reflection questions in your Assessment book ready for submission.  For this module these include:

  • Personal goal setting
  • Personal goal review
  • Mindfulness and Learning review
  • Personal profile


See pages 8 to 15 of your Assessment book. Your Assessment book will be provided to you in hard copy on day one of the Diploma.


There is also a final assessment for this module, which is detailed in your Assessment book.

Your final assessment for this module is to complete the following activities:

1. Positive Goals assignment 1500-2000 word learning reflection on your own goal setting and achievement, including your own goals and beliefs, linking to the research and theories and your personal goal wheel.

Please include some of the following areas in your reflections:

  • Goals you set for yourself and how you framed them in line with the positive goal framework
  • Link to the results of your diagnostics in this unit
  • Create a plan of action to move towards your goals and enjoy the journey
  • Execute your plan and assess your progress so far, your successes and stumbles and how you have remained on track
  • Evaluate your progress and next steps
  • Connect to the theories around self belief, self-efficacy, mindset and self determination theory where appropriate.

2. Positive Goal Setting Conversation assignment 500 words reflection on a conversation you have with another person about their goal setting and achievement

Please include some of the following areas in your reflections:

  • The goal setting conversation
  • How you helped guide their goal setting in line with goal frameworks
  • Evalute the positve goal outcome of the conversation and any actions discussed


Again, we are not looking for a formal essay style. These assessments are personal and informal. They are designed to show you have completed the exercises and reflected on the experience to expand your learning about yourself.


Once you have completed your assessment please submit to Roxanne via email (roxanne@langleygroup.com.au).  Once completed you will also need to provide a copy of your Assessment Book; this can be scanned and emailed through to us or posted to our office at – 42 William Street, Balaclava VIC 3183.  Please take a copy of your completed Assessment Book before sending through the post!

Assessments will be marked all together upon receipt of the final assessment in order to provide an holistic view of your learning.