The scientific study of optimal performance and wellbeing is contributing new insights and strategies to help individuals, organisations and communities thrive and excel.

This flourishing field aims to understand what is good in people and life, in order to help people live happy, productive, healthy and fulfilling lives. In doing so, it explores the positive experiences, characteristics and practices that enable individuals, institutions and communities to flourish.

Positive psychology has changed the course of mainstream psychology. Spearheaded by Martin Seligman in 1998, positive psychology has spread rapidly across social and human sciences and now spans many branches, expanding on philosophies and practices from Aristotle to Maslow. Far more than a set of tools to create happiness, it is a rich study of what makes life worth living in all its complexity, encompassing topics such as strengths, virtues, resilience, coping, creativity and excellence.

A positive psychology lens is now applied to diverse fields such as education, public health, healthcare, human and social services, parenting, economics, politics, leadership, management and organisational behaviour.

Positive psychology white paperThis white paper by Sue Langley and Sophie Francis distils key aspects of the science, practice and impact of positive psychology on people’s happiness, performance and wellbeing.

You will learn:

  • A brief history and current issues facing the movement;
  • Key principles underpinning positive psychology;
  • A snapshot of outcomes individuals, organisations and communities can achieve by applying positive psychology;
  • Five critical ingredients that contribute to individual, group and collective wellbeing;
  • Positive practices designed to boost happiness and wellbeing.

This white paper introduces insights and strategies we teach in our Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, a breakthrough opportunity for busy professionals in Australia, UK, Europe, North America and New Zealand to learn how to apply positive psychology in their work and lives inspired by research and best-practice.

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