Being immersed in nature is great for our wellbeing. Aside from the benefits of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, research shows why we feel at ease in nature, why it boosts our wellbeing and how it positive impacts our thinking. This is one of the reasons we are holding our next residential learning retreat for the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (10300NAT) in Byron Bay by the ocean.

In addition to all the benefits of studying positive psychology in a week-long intensive, a beautiful natural environment can improve your wellbeing and help you learn in the following ways:

  1. The sounds of nature can reduce and help you recover from stress. By measuring the stress response in people attempting a difficult maths problem, this study found that people recover more quickly from a stressful event by listening to the sounds of nature.
  2. Being in nature improves your thinking and creativity. Immersion in a natural setting has been found to increase creativity and problem solving abilities by 50 percent. Researchers anticipate that this occurs as a result of emotionally positive stimuli and a decrease in the attention demanding technology that allows the free flow of thought and ideas.
  3. Even a view of nature can improve your health. A study analysing the recovery of patients found that those with a room with a view looking out onto a ‘natural scene’ had faster recovery times, fewer negative evaluation comments from nurses and required less pain medication.
  4. A view of a natural environment improves your focus, quality of work and positive perceptions. A study that gave one group of students a view of a peaceful and natural environment found that they showed greater focus and achieved better marks than their counterparts in classrooms without a similar view. At the end of the course the students with the view were also more positive when rating the course.
  5. Water views have a positive impact on your mental health. According to another study, people who live near views of bodies of water were found to have a higher level of happiness and less psychological stress. A similar correlation hasn’t been made with green or urban views.


The Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Retreat is set in one of the world’s top holiday destinations, at Elements of Byron Resort in Byron Bay. This six-day intensive, which starts on 27th March, 2017, has been lovingly crafted to ensure a once in a lifetime learning experience. Designed with a flexible itinerary, you can enjoy the sights and surrounds of Byron Bay while you learn the core theories and practices of positive psychology. You can explore mindfulness activities in the vibrant green environment, book a surfing lesson or relaxing massage, enjoy complimentary morning yoga, and share your insights at group dinners with facilitator, Sue Langley, and like-minded peers.

Places in the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing are capped, so book now to secure your place. Bookings before October 31st are entitled to an early bird discount contact Grace Green for more details.