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Kate Worrall


The course was fantastic. While my initial interest in the course was from a work perspective, many of the concepts were equally applicable to my personal life, and as a parent. The learnings around meaning and purpose really resonated with me which took me by surprise as it wasn’t an area I had focused on previously.

Kate Worrall2021-09-20T11:29:46+10:00

Hester Nijland


I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my course colleagues and sharing experiences and new learning in this shared area of interest. I loved the “arm prosthesis activity,” that gave me a surprising emotional understanding of the importance of finding a purpose in completing tasks.

Hester Nijland2021-09-20T11:30:29+10:00

Priya Shah


The Diploma has also given me the confidence to start new things and approach these in a positive way despite setbacks. I have also worked on positivity in my family and spending quality time with them. With my family and friends, the ripples are influence based rather than being seen by all. I feel that everyone has positivity in them it is the drawing out which takes time for some.

Priya Shah2021-09-20T10:08:42+10:00

Anna Webb


I LOVED the six days and didn’t want them to finish! They met all of my expectations and I was delighted to have chosen to do the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (DPP).

Anna Webb2021-09-20T10:11:44+10:00

Jamie Brown


This course was responsible for changing my life. My multiple lightbulb moments came through learning various things that enabled a massive wake up call to happen! I came to learn the brain biologically focuses on negatives and that I was unconsciously repeating the learned helplessness I had been raised to have, and also that I had kept myself miserable by not allowing myself to see and appreciate the things that I did have in life and that I could learn to counteract that and change the way my brain functions.

Jamie Brown2021-09-20T10:28:53+10:00

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