We were delighted to connect with many of our students, friends and fellow wisdom-seekers at Happiness and Its Causes and the Wellness Show in Sydney in June.

Sue Langley, at Happiness & Its Causes, showing the "Wonder Woman Pose". Photo credit: David Miller

Sue Langley, at Happiness & Its Causes, showing the “Wonder Woman Pose”. Photo credit: David Miller

Over the past 10 years, Happiness & Its Causes has been a forum for exploring the many and varied causes for a happy and fulfilling life. Some of the world’s brightest minds in psychology, science, education, business, religion and the arts shared the stage. We heard some amazing presentations from the His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Barbara Fredrickson, Gretchen Rubin, Paul Gilbert, Robert Biswas-Diener and our own Sue Langley.

This year’s conference also launched Australia’s largest showcase of innovative solutions for enhancing health and wellbeing, The Wellness Show.

We showcased our Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and the Langley Group’s courses and products, all of which are designed to help people live happy and healthy lives.

It was an inspiring and energising two days!

Here’s Sue on the right demonstrating the “Wonder Woman Pose”, one of the most powerful – and instant – ways to boost positive emotions, confidence and wellbeing.

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Speaker highlights

Here are a few highlights, tips and take aways from some of the amazing speakers.

Happy and creative

Positive emotions can inspire lots of brain activity, including creativity. Sue Langley talked about her research and strategies for boosting positive emotions and creativity at Happiness & Its Causes. Here’s a brief review on the Happy & Well blog.

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Can anger be a force for good?

With a focus on ‘happiness’ often stealing the limelight, the positive aspects of negative emotions are now getting a guernsey too. Life Matters, ABC National Radio, featured a Happiness & Its Causes panel discussion with Robert Biswas-Diener, Gretchen Rubin, Sue Langley and the Hon. Robina Courtin.

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Balancing negative with positive

Barbara Fredrickson, a key speaker at Happiness & Its Causes and the IPPA conference, was interviewed on All in the Mind, ABC National Radio. She suggests there is a finely tuned relationship between positive and negative emotions, and shares ideas from her research about how to become more positive.

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Practical ways to apply positive psychology

Sue Langley recently conducted a one-hour free webinar in conjunction with the Wellness Show featuring practical, proven strategies to help you live a happier, more engaged and more meaningful life.

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Conference and Wellness Show Photos