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Kate Worrall


The course was fantastic. While my initial interest in the course was from a work perspective, many of the concepts were equally applicable to my personal life, and as a parent. The learnings around meaning and purpose really resonated with me which took me by surprise as it wasn’t an area I had focused on previously.

Kate Worrall2021-09-20T11:29:46+10:00

Lynne Dorling


Having always viewed myself as a ‘half full’ person, I believe the impact of the Diploma has been significant. I now actively take steps to show up as my Best Self in my work, leisure and relationships and I feel happier. I love talking to others about Positive Psychology and sometimes challenging their perceptions of life.

Lynne Dorling2021-09-20T11:30:12+10:00

Hester Nijland


I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my course colleagues and sharing experiences and new learning in this shared area of interest. I loved the “arm prosthesis activity,” that gave me a surprising emotional understanding of the importance of finding a purpose in completing tasks.

Hester Nijland2021-09-20T11:30:29+10:00

Simon Kolderie


Undertaking the DPP has been life-changing. It sounds cliché yet it’s true. When I left my corporate life in July 2015 I would never have known that the journey over the next two to three years would have been so amazing, scary, enriching, empowering and purposeful. I am not the same person I was three years ago. I am so much more! And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Simon Kolderie2021-09-20T11:30:45+10:00

Amy Shefik


I am so grateful that I found this diploma and that I was lucky enough to have Sue facilitate it. It truly has given me not only the tools and practices to help people, but the confidence to do it and know that what I’m sharing is fascinating science-based stuff that can change peoples lives. It’s allowed me to live and work authentically and given me strategies to be more resilient when life calls for it. I am so glad I did it.

Amy Shefik2021-09-20T11:31:00+10:00

Jutamas Jan Wisansing


I have shared the knowledge to more than 500 individuals, living in remote communities in Thailand and with private and public organisations. Creative tourism development recently has been awarded as the best strategy, using the positive change approach to open up all possibilities and overcome the fear of being inadequate in any way.

Jutamas Jan Wisansing2021-09-20T10:06:31+10:00

Priya Shah


The Diploma has also given me the confidence to start new things and approach these in a positive way despite setbacks. I have also worked on positivity in my family and spending quality time with them. With my family and friends, the ripples are influence based rather than being seen by all. I feel that everyone has positivity in them it is the drawing out which takes time for some.

Priya Shah2021-09-20T10:08:42+10:00

Anna Webb


I LOVED the six days and didn’t want them to finish! They met all of my expectations and I was delighted to have chosen to do the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (DPP).

Anna Webb2021-09-20T10:11:44+10:00

Ashraf Helal


Spreading positive ripples makes me feel alive and enjoying a meaningful life! It has also impacted my judgement and emotional regulation strategies positively; I believe I’m now more resilient, better with people around me and more satisfied with my life!

Ashraf Helal2021-09-20T10:26:05+10:00

Selma Ozkan


Upon completing the programme, I incorporated many of the learnings into the Global Leadership and Talent Management Programme at Brightside. One of the highlights of the Leadership Programme was facilitating the Helping Hands Programme as a team activity. I used this activity to drive awareness, highlight the impact of achieving a shared goal, the effectiveness of teamwork and most importantly why we need to have PURPOSE in everything we do.

Selma Ozkan2021-09-20T10:27:37+10:00

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