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A positive and engaging, life-changing experience – completed through virtual live learning webinars or face-to-face immersion.

  • Kate Worrall

    The course was fantastic. While my initial interest in the course was from a work perspective, many of the concepts were equally applicable to my personal life, and as a parent. The learnings around meaning and purpose really resonated with me which took me by surprise as it wasn’t an area I had focused on previously.

  • Jutamas Jan Wisansing

    I have shared the knowledge to more than 500 individuals, living in remote communities in Thailand and with private and public organisations. Creative tourism development recently has been awarded as the best strategy, using the positive change approach to open up all possibilities and overcome the fear of being inadequate in any way.

  • Ashraf Helal

    Spreading positive ripples makes me feel alive and enjoying a meaningful life! It has also impacted my judgement and emotional regulation strategies positively; I believe I’m now more resilient, better with people around me and more satisfied with my life!

  • Jamie Brown

    This course was responsible for changing my life. My multiple lightbulb moments came through learning various things that enabled a massive wake up call to happen! I came to learn the brain biologically focuses on negatives and that I was unconsciously repeating the learned helplessness I had been raised to have, and also that I had kept myself miserable by not allowing myself to see and appreciate the things that I did have in life and that I could learn to counteract that and change the way my brain functions.

  • Julia Maddison

    The Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing simply changed everything…. Upon arriving back at work after completing the diploma.... Along with the combined efforts of our L&D team of professionals, we launched the LIFE Live & work well programme in August 2018. The programme has reached across the business, from Australia to New Zealand and all major cities, and it is now a stable programme as part of the Wellness offering.

Diploma of Positive Psychology

10653NAT Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing

We offer the first nationally accredited Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, recognised by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

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A positive and engaging, life-changing experience – completed through virtual live learning webinars sessions or face-to-face immersion.







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10653NAT Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing

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