A Ripple Story…

Selma Ozkan

Selma Ozkan

Head of People and Performance, Brightside Co.

Alumni: Sydney 2016

In our 10653NAT Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing we always talk about the ripple effect; starting with self and creating a ripple out there in the world - whatever that may mean for each person.

In this interview, one of our Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing graduate shares her completely life-changing experience of the course, and how it set her up to make positive and thought-provoking changes in her workplace!

What drew you to complete the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing?

As the Learning and Development Manager for Brightside, my team and I are responsible for the growth and learning of all staff across the global business with my role particularly focused on the leadership team and Organisational Development.  I attended the Health & Wellbeing Expo and heard Sue Langley speak and was instantly drawn to her research and thinking on Positive Psychology.  This encouraged me to meet with her which led to finding out about the programme.  I could tell immediately this programme would help me achieve my goals of having a positive impact on the culture of Brightside and helping our leaders become the best version of themselves.

What was your experience during the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing?

This programme helped me grow on a personal and professional level by providing me with a variety of different skills and techniques that I could apply on a daily basis for either myself or a variety of stakeholders and learners and across the business. The practical application throughout the face to face component allowed me to apply the learning immediately and receive feedback instantly to confirm the learning had been transferred effectively. There were too many standouts to list, yet the four that resonated the most were: Positive Goals, Positive Engagement, Helping Hands Programme and Strengths Profile.  I had such a great experience with my learning that I came back to complete the Strengths Profile programme and look forward to using this across Brightside.

How are you spreading your positive ripples, and how has the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing helped you achieve this?

Upon completing the programme, I incorporated many of the learnings into the Global Leadership and Talent Management Programme at Brightside. One of the highlights of the Leadership Programme was facilitating the Helping Hands Programme as a team activity. I used this activity to drive awareness, highlight the impact of achieving a shared goal, the effectiveness of teamwork and most importantly why we need to have PURPOSE in everything we do.

Regardless of role, responsibility or title, every employee contributes to the growth of a business, they just need to know how their role fits into the strategy, understand how they’re driving growth and ultimately find meaning and purpose in what they do. This has become the foundation of our current Talent Management Programme.