A Ripple Story…

Julia Maddison

Julia Maddison

L&D Specialist, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals

Alumni: Sydney 2017

In our 11069NAT Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing we always talk about the ripple effect; starting with self and creating a ripple out there in the world - whatever that may mean for each person.

In this interview, one of our Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing graduate explains how the course helped her develop an award-winning wellbeing programme for her organisation.

What drew you to complete the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing?

After experiencing many years in a corporate industry I was acutely aware of the pressure and stress that came with the job! Life was good, yet the day to day struggle of dealing with this type of environment seemed all too stifling and debilitating. I was simply caught up in the craziness with no idea of how to make some positive changes. I was silently suffering yet did not even know what I was suffering from! I had a good job, family and from the outside a good life.

Eventually, it took 18 months off work and a few years away from this environment for me to fully understand the impact it had had.  Then to begin a journey that allowed me to make changes and explore different ways of thinking and my approach to life.

When I finally returned to the corporate environment, I knew I wanted to do something to prevent others from following the same path. I just had no idea what that looked like! Instinctively I knew that I was not equipped or ‘ready’ to facilitate positive change, and I questioned whether the audience would even be open to it… Fast forward six years.

What was your experience during the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing?

The 11069NAT Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing simply changed everything….

There were too many ‘ah-ha’ moments to count, yet I do remember with stark clarity the feeling I had upon completion. I knew at that moment that there was no turning back. What I had learnt from this experience was going to propel me towards what I had been striving for, for so long. I felt like I had some of the answers!

The practical tools and the evidence-based theories that I was exposed to gave me the confidence and knowledge to explore the positive psychology space even further.

The Diploma opened my eyes and encouraged me to continue to learn and grow.

My learnings are now a constant in my life that provide endless opportunities to see my world from many different perspectives.

What I also loved about the Diploma was the very comfortable learning environment. Sue and her team provide a space that is encouraging and inclusive. You leave feeling like you have acquired a new family. I recently attended a corporate health and wellbeing summit where I met fellow diploma students, and it was like we had been friends forever.

How are you spreading your positive ripples, and how has the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing helped you achieve this?

Upon arriving back at work after completing the diploma, I approached my manager with an idea of developing a wellbeing programme for our 500 + employees in Australia & New Zealand.

Along with the combined efforts of our L&D team of professionals, we launched the LIFE Live & work well programme in August 2018. The programme has reached across the business, from Australia to New Zealand and all major cities, and it is now a stable programme as part of the Wellness offering.

Fantastically, the programme recently won a Learn x Industry Platinum award for best wellbeing programme.

The ripple effect has been palpable. What is most inspiring is how I am approached or messaged regularly with positive feedback from our participants and how the programme has had a positive impact in their world.

Because of the amazing work of the Langley Group Institute’s Diploma and many others that have contributed to the positive psychology space, the passion and desire to have a positive impact on our corporate family is coming to fruition.

In summary, the impact of the Diploma has changed so many things in my life.

It has given me tools personally that I can use for my own wellbeing. This has contributed to a calmer and more mindful approach to all I do, which allows me to continue making positive ripples from this wonderful diploma.

Thank you☺