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Gemma Sandwell


I have been successful in doing a TEDx talk on Positive Psychology and Mindfulness and have set up my own business (The Happiness Branch). I have now left Aviva to work on this full time. The Happiness Branch helps people and businesses flourish through positive psychology and mindfulness.

Gemma Sandwell2021-09-20T10:32:17+10:00

Julia Maddison


The Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing simply changed everything…. Upon arriving back at work after completing the diploma.... Along with the combined efforts of our L&D team of professionals, we launched the LIFE Live & work well programme in August 2018. The programme has reached across the business, from Australia to New Zealand and all major cities, and it is now a stable programme as part of the Wellness offering.

Julia Maddison2021-09-20T10:34:16+10:00

Agapi Markogiannakis


It really is SO difficult to choose what to share about how my learnings from the DPP and positive psychology have impacted my life. There are so many things that I learned, both big and small, that add up to significant ripples and in some cases, tidal waves!

Agapi Markogiannakis2021-09-20T10:48:30+10:00

Josephine Opie


So, you see, the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing course has inspired me to start ripples wherever I can, and wherever possible collectively with other DPP Graduates. I’m just one student, working with others to increase our impact on our beautiful Illawarra region. Imagine how many other ripples are happening around the country!!

Josephine Opie2021-09-20T11:09:43+10:00

Chris Talbot


I found the experience transformational. I greatly enjoyed the initial face to face sessions where we learned about the major positive psychology theories, discussed their practical use and talked about ways they could be incorporated into our work and personal lives. We studied and practiced mindfulness, we created experimental art and supported each other as we went through many personal and meaningful exercises. We were vulnerable and we laughed (more than I expected), and cried (also more than I expected).

Chris Talbot2021-09-20T11:16:45+10:00

Kellie Mills


I believe I apply the learnings from the Diploma every day in some way. I finish my day with gratitude for all that has happened and all that I have, and I’m always looking for opportunities to do random acts of kindness. I find both of these have enriched my life significantly.

Kellie Mills2021-09-20T11:19:17+10:00

Tom Slowinski


Studying the Diploma was a hugely worthwhile experience. The six days of face-to-face learning were really amazing and provided me with an excellent understanding of the key elements that contribute to psychological wellbeing.

Tom Slowinski2021-09-20T11:23:04+10:00

Jane Sleeman


Whilst I had some prior knowledge of positive psychology concepts, undertaking the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing was so refreshing, and I was captivated by all of it. The core modules were facilitated so well, each component was well-paced and with lots of experiential activities during the week. I also think that a course like this attracts people of a particular generosity and positivity, and whilst our group was made up of people from a range of places, industries and backgrounds, we learned so well due to the synergy in the group.

Jane Sleeman2021-09-20T11:26:27+10:00

Stephanie Noon


The Diploma boosted my confidence with helping others. Using the knowledge that I gained from the Diploma helped me develop a new approach to coaching that improved client outcomes. From this I’ve developed a Positive Education program that I run in new school for disengaged young adults. Running this program, coupled with one-on-one coaching has been quite profound for many students.

Stephanie Noon2021-09-20T11:29:01+10:00

Jane Wundersitz


The Diploma gave me the confidence and certainty I needed to be bold and courageous in my business and I feel strongly anchored to my own purpose; to ensure that the ‘science of human flourishing’ has a broad reach, is not an elitist field, and that high-quality, research-rich workplace training is accessible to every workplace and team member irrespective of their title, role, industry or location.

Jane Wundersitz2021-09-20T11:35:47+10:00

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